2020 Austin stats WOW! Push the marker higher in early 2021


As we roll into 2020, many of my clients have been asking me how the market did last year.  Afterall we were up against a global pandemic, numerous shut downs, and other challenges we all had to deal with.  

As you will see in the graph below we definitely felt the effects of the virus starting in April.  However by June the market had begun it's recovery and never stopped.  We ended the year with sales up double digits compared to the year prior!  A few things at play here.  One, our lives really changed and changed quickly.  Working and schooling from home changed the way we use our homes and the spaces we need.  Two, interest rates remain at all time lows, dipping even below 2 percent for some.  Three, Austin continues to grow, faster now than ever before.  We simply don't have enough homes for everyone here.  

This trend looks to continue into 2021.  Sales are off to very strong start with homes all over the city and price ranges receiving multiple offers.  If you're thinking about selling, I can't imagine a better time.  If you're thinking about buying, now is also a great time due to low interest rates, and more and more inventory coming on the market as we inch our way to spring.  Either way, myself and team are all here to help guide you through the process and create the best stress-free experience for you.  Let's chat about your plans today!

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